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4 Tips for Writing an Amazon Book Description That Sells Books

Are you a self-published author that wants to sell more books on Amazon? You’re not alone! It’s a fact that Amazon is the largest e-book seller based on the number e-b00ks sold and the thousands of new self-published authors who upload new books every day. That’s some pretty stiff competition if you’re self-published. We know from working with self-published authors that the most important thing you can do if you’re a self-published author is to make sure that your Amazon description is well written and follows a few tips that will help your book to stand out from all the others.

1. Use high traffic key words in your description. This can be difficult because you don’t want your description to sound like one of those badly written SEO articles that used to be so popular in the 90’s, and it’s sometimes hard to discover which key words are high traffic.  To learn which keywords to use for your book try this method.

2. Don’t leave any keywords out, fill up all seven spaces available that Amazon offers. This will make it even easier for readers to find your book, including those who are just randomly searching on Amazon for a book. Plus you don’t know which keyword might be one to skyrocket your sales, so in order to give yourself the best chance of success, you need to have all seven boxes filled with a keyword. Don’t be afraid to try new keywords if the ones you’ve previously used don’t seem to be working.

3. Read over your Amazon description several times and have at least one other person read over your description. There’s nothing that screams unprofessional so much as a typo laden Amazon book description, or any book description for that matter.

4. Periodically update your Amazon book description. You can add editorial reviews as they come in, your author bio and info about the book you wrote, such as fun facts that readers might like to know.  Having the editorial reviews and bio adds interest to your Amazon book description and as long as it’s not too long can make your book more likely to sell.

If you follow these tips for writing a stellar Amazon book description, it will help to increase your book sales and thus your overall income.

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