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How to Write Awesome Topics For Your Author Blog


If you’re tired of the time suck of social media not to mention the heavy competition since most social media has been glutted with things people are selling including books, then maybe it’s time to go a little old school and go back to the author blog. There are many advantages to having an author blog, one of which is that you don’t have to worry about competing with other authors for reader’s attention! And that my friends is a huge advantage.  But one of the questions we get from multiple authors, especially the new authors who have been reading all the articles saying “but blogging is dead, it’s been dead since 2012,” is if blogging isn’t dead (like everyone is saying) and I can use my blog to find readers, then what do I write about? Believe it or not there are a ton of awesome topics authors can write about on their blog that will bring readers to not only their blog, but their books.

Try these 10 ideas to entrance your readers and followers:

1. Post an excerpt from your current WIP. People who visit your blog will do so to either be informed or to be entertained. Posting an excerpt for your WIP is one way to entertain visitors and readers of your blog alike.

2. Post an exerpt from one of the books on your back list if you have one. Again, entertainment, and if you post an excerpt that ends in a bit of a cliff hanger, your readers may very well buy the book to find out what happens next.

3. Write posts about things that are happening in your personal life. You don’t have to get super personal and only share what you are comfortable sharing, but these types of informative posts allow readers and visitors to get to know about you the author as a person. A great idea is to share photos from family events or a walk you went on.  Share your feelings about the event, or something funny that happened. Again share only what you are comfortable sharing.

4. Occasionally choose a character from one of your books and write a post about him or her. Give some in depth information on the back story of the character. This is a great opportunity to give more information on secondary characters, you can even do it in the form of an interview. We often see interviews told from the main character’s viewpoint, but there are also secondary characters that readers want to know more about. You can also post photos that were the inspiration for your character (be sure they are stock photos only so you don’t get dinged for using a photo you don’t have the rights to) or if you draw or create 3D art, you can post that as well.

5. Write book reviews. If you’re an author then you most likely read a lot, and what better way to bring in the readers than to write reviews for your fellow author’s books. Plus if your book is in the same genre, then this gets those readers to your blog and to buy your book.

6. Review book covers. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the look out for cool book cover art. If you are too and you’ve seen a few awesome or heck not so awesome covers recently, then do a cover critique. You don’t have to be a graphic artist, or an expert to critique a book cover. You only have to have an opinion. That’s it! Be careful though to be kind, as with book reviews, you don’t want to slam the author, just provide a review. You can say what you like, as well as, what you don’t like, but don’t be mean.

7. Curate a list of links. What I love about this is that for example, you could curate a list of links of book reviews about your latest book. Or just a list of book review links for books in your genre written by your favorite authors in your genre. Or, you could curate a list of links from different author blogs, the ideas are endless! And this is a quick way to give a shout out to your favorite author and book bloggers as well!

8. Post your news and updates on your writing, sales, progress on the current WIP, cover art, and giveaways. Write about anything that  is news related to your books or writing.

9. Interview other authors. This is a great way to swap posts, you interview one author, and then they interview you for their blog. It’s a nice way to get some extra publicity for your author blog and books.

10.   A list of sources that are the inspiration for your stories. These can include movies, other books, experiences you or someone you know have had, just anything that made you go, hmmmmmm…I think this would make a great story!

This is just a small list to get you started on your author blog. Whether you are a newbie or experienced author, you need an author blog. Author blogs sell you, your books and your brand. Plus it’s the best way to get around the whole ever changing social media arena. While we are not suggesting that you turn your back on social media, having an author blog means you don’t have to rely on it 100% for your marketing. Plus every post you make and promote over time brings more new readers to your author blog, your brand, and your books.

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