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What would you say if I told you we could get your book in front of 300,000+ readers this month, and not just once but four times! How beneficial would that be to you and your author brand, not to mention the potential sales of your book this could net you? Pretty darned beneficial, huh?! Well I’m excited to tell you we have a new marketing package that can do just that! Check out the HeartFelt Promos Love Package (as in we LOVE authors!):

Price: $50

Here’s what you get:

  • One beautiful teaser
  • Your book put in front of 300,000+ readers weekly for four weeks

Don’t wait, this is a limited time offer! Purchase your HeartFelt Promos Love Package and get your book in front of thousands of readers today!

Just e-mail and ask for an invoice to be sent for the HeartFelt Promos Love Package today, and we’ll get that invoice right out to you. Once we receive payment and the materials we need to get started, we’ll begin getting your book the attention it deserves!

Also check out our other packages and services. This week only get 10% off all our other packages and services just put in the subject line “Give me my 10%!” when you request your invoice! Offer ends June 16th! (Not applicable towards the new Heartfelt Promos Love Package)


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