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Rhonda Jackson Joseph has always been an avid, equal opportunity reader. One of her early forays into writing was during junior high school when she produced numerous romance short stories in which she and her best girlfriends were the heroines. The stories were circulated and garnered quite a following. Thus, she found that romance writing came rather natural to her.

            Her focus shifted toward horror writing when the elevated hormone levels in her body during pregnancy brought on terrifying nightmares during the scant hours she could find sleep. The dreams demanded to be placed on paper, and she hoped they would then be exorcised. To no avail, as they never completely disappeared. In fact, they multiplied.

            In 2007, Rhonda began working with Whispers Publishing as an editor, and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief. At present, she is also working on an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University. She is also on the steering committee of the National Black Book Festival, an event that has drawn dozens of authors and hundreds of readers to Houston for the past five years.

Rhonda has placed several short works in both the horror and romance genres. Her first novel, a contemporary romance entitled Call It What You Want, was released by Tea and a Tome Publishing in March 2007.

She currently lives in Texas with her husband and four children, where she continues to edit, write and read voraciously.

            Rhonda is available for speaking engagements, workshops, interviews, and book signings. Please contact her at:



On Twitter: @rjacksonjoseph

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P.O. Box 14804

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Writing as Veronica Blaque


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Andrea Drake and her husband Stan have a wealth of material comforts. But Andrea wants to start a family more than anything and resents Stan for being the obstacle in that goal.

Stan isn’t anxious to bring a child into his and Andrea’s crumbling world, and he wonders where his best friend went as the marriage begins to crack under the strain of their discord.

After a chance meeting with sexy and familiar strangers, Andrea and Stan are motivated to follow the spirits to sexual bliss and a marriage on the mend.



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Tasha Durrant and Jeff Morgan meet in the wake of the disappearance of Jeff's adoptive brother, whom Tasha previously dated. Tasha and her spirit companion, Aurelia, both have an instant attraction to Jeff, which is complicated when Jeff, who doesn't understand how Tasha could have known what happened to Larry unless she was involved, seeks to get the truth from her regarding the murder. In the end, Tasha, Aurelia and Jeff are a trio destined to be together forever.


Writing as R.J. Joseph



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Seventy-six writers connected to the Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction program have created a multi-genre charity anthology entitled Hazard Yet Forward. All proceeds from this project will benefit Donna Munro, a 2004 graduate of the program. Munro, a teacher living in St. Louis, Missouri, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Genres represented in the book range from horror to romance to mystery – and everything in between. Some of the notable writers in the anthology are World Fantasy Award winner Nalo Hopkinson, Bram Stoker winners Michael A. Arnzen and Michael Knost, Bram Stoker nominees Lawrence C. Connolly and John Edward Lawson, ALA/YALSA Best Book for Young Adults winner Jessica Warman, Rita finalist Dana Marton, Spur award winner Meg Mims, Asimov's Reader's Award winner Timons Esaias, Rhysling Award nominee K. Ceres Wright, and WV Arts and Humanities literary fellowships winner, Geoffrey Cameron Fuller.


Writing as Rhonda Jackson Joseph




Cishawn and Tonzell both know what they want from life. Cishawn wants to be able to maintain her independence while pursuing the career of her heart. Tonzell wants to be able to grow his fledgling business without the distraction of a relationship. When the time is right, each wishes to find the perfect mate: for Cishawn, that would be a man who appreciates and supports her independence. Tonzell wants an old fashioned woman like his Granny to build his life with. The problem is, Cishawn’s quest for independence serves as a blockade between her and potential mates. She cannot be what Tonzell needs her to be, and that is the needy, damsel in distress who is looking to be rescued. Can Tonzell accept not being the noble rescuer?






Tisha Randall wants a boyfriend. When a likely specimen walks into her pet store to purchase “a dog or something”, Tisha nearly turns him away with her disdain for would be animal owners who neglected their charges. Upon further review, Tisha realizes the man had a different type of void in his life, very possibly the same one that afflicts her.






Melanie Durst just about has her nest empty. However, the widowed mother of three grown up daughters soon finds herself the object of the girls' matchmaking schemes. In an effort to waylay these actions, Melanie joins forces with a handsome regular customer in her store, Tyson Brown. What begins as a farce to get her daughters off her back ends up being the beginning of a beautiful relationship.




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